Moonstone Star David Sterling Silver Bangle


  • Creative design: genuine moonstone beads with 925 Sterling Silver beads.


  • Moonstone is said to be June’s birthstone. It has been used as a powerful talisman and a lucky stone since ancient times. Like the moonlight, Moonstone has a reflective, calming and cleansing energy. Both the Romans and the Greeks associated moonstone with their lunar deities.


  • Star of David consists of two intertwined triangles: one pointing up to God and the other pointing down to man, symbolizing the relationship between the two—” the interpenetration of two realms” (source: Franz Rosenzweig, Star of Redemption, 1912). The six points are said by Rosenzweig to represent two triads: creation, revelation, and redemption, along with God, Israel, and the Gentile world.


  • 6/8 mm moonstone beads, 3mm 925 sterling silver beads, 14 mm Star David



  • Stretchable elastic band inside the silver tubes.


  • Perfect choice for giving to your friend as a best friend gift or graduation gift.

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6.0'' (Petite), 6.5'', 7.0'', 7.5'', 8.0'', 8.5''