Genuine Black Tourmaline 1”Raw Crystal Quartz Set


  • Black Tourmaline is very rare in nature, this is a kind of powerful stone for protection against negative energies, it protects you spiritually. It is also a strong spiritual grounding stone,  it also encourages Purity, sincerity, humility in yourself as well as good luck and happiness.



  • It is everyone’s metaphysical safeguard, it protects us from negative forces which affect our mental and emotional stability.



  • This set contains 4 pieces of natural unpolished, undrilled black tourmaline crystals


  • Size: approx 1” from tip to tip, natural crystals are varied in size and shape, it may contain natural cracks or fractures


  • Perfect for making a crystal grid, your own crafting, jewelry making or just to own as a beautiful natural specimen