Blue Kyanite Puff Heart Crystal Palm Stone


  • Blue Kyanite cleanses your aura of any negative energies, removes unwanted thinking pattern and energy blockage.


  • A powerful stone for better communication, enhancing your self-esteem to speak up for yourself


  • It’s also a chakra balancing stone, especially for the third eye chakra.


  • Width: Approx 80-90mm/3” , Weight: Approx 250-350 grams



  • All of our crystals and stones are for retail as well as wholesale, leave us a message via messenger or Email to get the bulk price.


  • Well polished blue kyanite heart crystal stones


  • Our crystals, stones, quartz are 100% natural and genuine, all-natural crystals may have imperfections and defects like mineral deficiency, natural cotton crystal, concave surface, is not a quality problem. Please expect and allow some variations in color and pattern.


  • Size stated, please expect a small variation in size, the error is AROUND 5mm. If there is no stock of the size you buy, we’ll send a bigger one to you generally.


  • There may be inclusions inside the crystal.


  • Excellent for chakra cleansing, reiki healing, Feng Shui decoration, and crystal grids, all kinds of crafts projects, beach wedding, fountain, flower pot or decoration.