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Top 3 Facts and Tips on the Law of Attraction

When it comes to attracting what you desire into your life, the waters can get muddy when sorting through all the guidance or principals out on the Internet.

While you may find some youtube videos that claim to know all the “secrets” you have to know about the law of attraction, that doesn’t always mean they could get you fully apprehend the right nuts and bolts in terms of the Universal law

So today, I’m going to walk through how the law of attraction would be used and why is that, to help you navigate what different spiritual masters say about the law of attraction


One PUZZLING Bible verse goes like this:

Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.

What does that mean?

ROBBING OFF those who are in lack, giving to those already in abundance, it seems pretty unfair.

But this is what the law of attraction is trying to tell you.

Facts #2. Everything has its own energy field

The first thing you should know about the law of attraction is everything is vibrational energy with a unique frequency.

Anything perceivable to our sensory organs, from the color we see, the air we breathe, the paper we touch, to the apple we eat, the music we listen to, they are all energies

Scientific evidence shows that our eyes and ears are only sensible of specific spectrums and sound waves,  in the energy field, we can’t get close to anything with unmatchable vibrational frequencies.

This is the reason the law of attraction doesn’t work for some of the practitioners. Since they keep on demanding something INCOMPATIBLE with their energy.

The Universe, the Source, the Love… whatever you like to call it,  only manifests according to our nature – who we are deep down on the subconscious level, which we may or may not realize on the conscious level.

This is the dynamics of how the subconscious mind works.

Facts #3. Most of Us Pray in the Wrong Way

Most poor people pray like this: “Dear God, please, please help me out of this poor financial situation.”

Or “help me pay these bills. I can ‘t afford it.” hoping they can attract these things from the Universe, the Universe has numerous of these things anyway, why can’t it give a small portion of it, right?

If you have a clue of how the subconscious operates, you know by sending out this message, you are demonstrating to the universe how greedy and envious you are, you are asking

You are demanding whatever you are jealous for.

For those who are envious of the people living in the big house, the only way they can think of to get a dream house is begging.

These are called selfish gratefulness.

They grab outwards since they are EMPTY INWARD. Thus, they will desperately fill up the emptiness within.

Facts #4. The Universe reacts according to their belief — they are in short of money.

It will manifest their financial shortage again and again. They will become poorer, and then more jealous, what they’ve attracted wasn’t exactly paying the bills, and they will end up living in poverty

That’s a vicious circle

Have you ever heard of a theory that many lottery winners ended up bankrupt or in debt?

That’s because their mindset, field of vision and wealth management ability are so inadequate to deserve the big fortune, they treated money extravagantly, in an irresponsible manner, showing no respect for their luck, so the Universe responded to their complete emptiness correspondingly

The same goes for what your desire for a relationship

You walk around seeing those happy couples and pray for a fantastic relationship; this is what you are focusing on the conscious level.

But you could only bump into a woman best suits you – of the same nature, matching your frequency emotionally, physically, spiritually and economically.

You may say, that’s not true, I knew someone who found an entirely different type of person. Yes, that’s possibly the case if they fell in love at first sight and they really wanted to be together.

However, after the honeymoon period, the interaction of energetic patterns always takes over

If your head is conditioned to resentful, despairing and depressive thinking but on the flip side, you want someone to save you by sending out his or her positive energy for you, you are doomed to be disappointed.

From the perspective of the universe, you just want to MAKE A DEAL with other people, which reflects the fact that you are selfish, more than you’re willing to admit.

What happens most likely is he or she also wants to get something from you, knowingly or not, and they are begging you the same way as you’re asking the Universe for a considerable amount of money, a dream house, it’s merely doing business.

And you will always meet people of a similar type, and they always COME BACK TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

If you’ve been sincerely praying for a good looking woman for a long time, indeed, the dream will come true,  a gorgeous woman comes into your life.

Great Job!

But what is likely to happen later on is you will find her a boring, pessimistic or depressed person, but at least she is good looking according to your request

As a result, You’ve learned your lesson and determine to attract a “perfect” woman next time: beautiful, interesting, passionate. Yes, you will be able to come across that woman literally if you are sincere enough, but the most case is she doesn’t find you attractive.

It seems you can never get even close to a lover to your satisfaction. You start to blame everyone else, except for yourself. You’re just unable to get close to this simple idea of being a better person yourself.

A famous Bible verse:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Jesus put a light on this matter thousands of years ago, but most of us choose to ignore it

Similarly, If you want the “juice” from a fantastic relationship, ask yourself a question: Do I deserve it?

Facts #5. What you sent out will come back to you

You are the person responsible for your failure, for what’ve been attracted to you

You can put forward your unrealistic request. Nonetheless, it’s energy-wasting to request anything that doesn’t match you, it also wastes the time of the Universe.

But what it takes to attract an ideal soul mate or anything else I desire?

The Correct Way to Attract your Soul Mate

1. Be Clear of the Definition of Soul Mate

The word means two independent “partner,” who doesn’t rely on the other mentally or physically.  Independence leads to happiness since they are not expecting the other to save each other. It’s not what you want to get from your spouse perpetuates the relationship

2.Mental Preparation

You should enter a mental state PRONE TO receive positive suggestions, you can call it a hypnotic or meditative state where the body and the mind are completely relaxed and don’t act like a stumbling block anymore.

Then, the affirmation will be implanted in your subconscious, like planting a seed in the soil, no matter what it takes and how long it takes, it is eventually going to be flourish.

This is the prerequisite of getting the law of attraction to work

We’ve been told to focus on the abundance of life, imagine we’re wealthy, healthy rather than focusing on the absence of your life. This will be working if only we prepare the subconscious to believe what you want it to believe, and only then are you going to be able to pull this off

There are hundreds, thousands of ways to prepare your subconscious:

Meditation, Yoga, Hypnosis, guided imagery visualization, any kind of stress-relieving activity, also, you can choose to be religious or not, it’s up to you, one simple rule is: live present. live in every single moment of now

3. To gain, one should Offer in the First Place

Last but certainly not least, trying not to be the kind of person who has always been demanding and asking for what you want from the relationship

Are you a boring person intending to meet someone interesting? It’s not gonna work or vice versa.

Try to show the merits you wish to see in your imaginary spouse

You are responsible and in charge of your life.

Look at the mirror and ask a question: Do you meet the standard set up for your spouse?

  • If you want more joy in your life, go around and BRING MORE JOY into the lives of others.
  • If you intend to live a motivational life, go and show your COURAGE AND ASPIRATION to others.
  • If you want your next relationship is way more attracting, go and BE A BETTER PERSON YOURSELF

Whatever you contribute to the rest will eventually come back to you, with much more abundance. In this way, the Universe manifests your generous passion.

Be as positive, enthusiastic as possible.

If you are becoming more and more passionate, inspiring, and those depressive people will not be able to get close to you.

This is the essence of the law of attraction.

Be the source of love, be the source of happiness.


Use these three basic rules to become the best version of yourself, and the Universe will take care of the rest for you. Amazing things manifest automatically without any effort of yours, even if you’re not asking

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5 Best Ways to Discover and Achieve Life Goals

Attempting to discover your life purpose is a big move. It’s an even bigger move when you intend to achieve

There are a few special things you’ll want to consider as you set out a self-discovery journey.

Say if you have been studying in college, working hard on your essay, longing for being a graduate.

The same goes for being a human: You need to pass the life exams to be qualified as a human.

1. Life is a course designed for specific purposes for each one.

According to Edgar Cayce, a well-known prophet,  everyone, with no exception, regardless of the gender, race, age, rich or poor, good or evil, millionaire or homeless on the street, has his own mission or task to be fulfilled.

  • Have you played your role well?

Life is a dream, We enter the world alone and end up at the funeral. Privileges, fancy house, a luxurious car, a decent job, millions or billions of dollars, none of these things go with us when we leave.

So why so serious? Each of us comes to this world as an actor. Why don’t we put in an extraordinary performance at the “Life Theater”?

Look, the stage light goes on. Your play is about to start.

Whatever your role is, This is our assigned homework. You need to perform it well.

What does the Universe drive us into a certain path? Maybe you’re a born billionaire, or in poverty, born with a beautiful face or a paralyzed physical body.

If we were born into a wealthy family, we take it for granted, but what if we find ourselves in a situation struggling to pay bills? We become a hater: why is it so unfair?

Their miseries are rooted in discontentment of the so-called meaningless and unfulfilled life role which they don’t want to play. Since they are identified with the illusions, the worries and fears seem endless.

  • What is the point of adversity?

From the standpoint of the universe, there is no difference between poverty and richness, happiness and sorrow,  there is no such thing as bad, these all merely tools, to urge a person to discover his strength and meaning in his life.

We view things favorably simply because we have likes or dislikes.

Think of the high school curriculum, it is filled up with a variety of courses, and we were taught Languages, Arts. Mathematics. Geography…… everything a young man can imagine, so he has developed the personal knowledge bank by expanding his view of exciting courses, which helps him go further in the future.

Similarly, all life experiences are absolutely necessary

The universe tries to enrich your curricular as much as possible, allowing you to enter various life dimensions: farmer, businessman, teacher, or household wife, you name it.

Stephen Hawking dedicated to this world, not only his scientific achievement but also his motivation and courage. Struggling with his serious disease, he has been stimulating people ’s inner passion for life.

The main reason the Universe lets you play your role is to make your live fruitful lives and gain better understandings by different dimensions and perspectives, in his own way

2. The Universe wants us to learn our lessons in practice

Only the real-world practice could eventually tell us how well we are progressing.

It is inefficient to get a person to fully understand a concept simply by symbolic languages.

Can you understand from the word “strawberry” how it tastes? It is unlikely unless you have eaten a strawberry, you must personally have a bite.

Deep down in our hearts, we are eager to experience other’s feelings

You must be a woman this life to know what’s truly like to be a woman. You must personally enter that particular “scene” in order to comprehend what you have to learn this life.

What is like to be a father and how it feels to be a husband. Anything other than personal experience is useless and insufficient

Even the great Buddha had experienced a variety of roles: in his lifetime, He was once a white elephant, a prince, ascetic, before he began his career as a mentor.

He had incredibly intense experiences. Having experienced so many things in the world, one can have the confidence to describe the world as wonderful, and grow his mental toughness.

 3. Find out the reason that you are living this life?

As that being said, your role in this life is a driving force for us to achieve great things. The question is how willing are you to be yourself? We thought we should have been “somebody “that changed or saved the world.

One may say: I long for being a famous movie star, the founder of the wealthiest company,  the president of the United States.

But He doesn’t bother spending a minute thinking about how he can “play” well in this assigned role, instead, he is jealous of others

Do you know that the President of the United States is also an actor? If you are still unwilling to play your role, then you will fail to pass the exams, which means that in a certain future you have to play it again and then encounter the same type of issue

Sometimes “the mediocre me” seems hopeless. Nonetheless,  the fact is you can be ordinary, but that’s not mediocre.

In the long river of destiny, the president of the United States is not much different from a household wife. By that, I’m not saying a housewife should settle down and shouldn’t set a big goal. A salesperson can also set a big goal as being a successful entrepreneur in his field. A blogger can aim to be the best selling author.

Even if a household wife, busy with doing the laundry, cooking, chores, caring for her children all the time, can find her meaning of life in the laughter of her children.

You don’t have to be one of the bigwigs to prove your value, though the word ” life purpose” or “mission” sounds heroic.

Making a cake, planning a party, these trivial things don’t mean you are less important than anyone else

Willing to being yourself and taking a leap of faith is of key importance when you take the first step into self-exploration.

Figure out what your life purpose is

Everyone is unique with some talent, maybe it’s an interest in painting, or a little bit sensitiveness about the smell, or even like some other people, born with intense feeling towards spirituality and religion. Whatever it may be, just go and pursue it.

How lucky for Bill Gates to find his personal career at such a young age.

whereas, the majority of us are not the lucky ones

With the power of nature, one set foot on the journey of self-exploration. Phantom crystals are one of the powerful sources from mother earth

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5 Important Things You must Know about Yoga as a Beginner

An analogy goes like this:  the mind and the body, are two sides of a coin

Yoga is a term for an ancient India physical, mental, spiritual practice system,  which originated more than 2000 years ago.

There are many types of yoga, today in this article, I’m going to talk mainly about Hatha Yoga, which is considered to be the most influential Yoga in the world, with most practitioners.

1. Yoga provides a spiritual path where one can achieve inner peacefulness. 

Yoga is imprinted associated by many westerners to be a kind of body exercise involving physical postures(asanas), mainly dealing with weight loss, smoke quitting problems, increasing the strength of the muscles and so on

But more importantly, Yoga is one of the tools one can use to achieve self-realization, not only physically but spiritually. Better yet, you don’t have to be religious in order to engage in yoga

As people discovered what they could benefit from yoga: self-realization and awareness, in addition to physical and mental health,  Yoga has been back in vogue for several decades.

For instance, hatha yoga stretches your body to its full flexibility and harmony through different postures, followed by Savasana or Yoga Nidra— lying down, taking a rest, to wrap it up.

But here we go, this very last step is what all the previous steps are aiming for, this is just where the “authentic” yoga begins.

Yoga sets no religious threshold for an individual to practice. Nonetheless, the essence of yoga perpetuates the core of most of the religions:

The first thing you want to make sure about your body is that you should keep your 7 chakras balanced, clear of any energy blockage, try our 7 chakra associated jewelry and gemstone collection to rechannel the energy in your body.

2. Forget the Body

At first, yoga reminds you of focusing on your body by consuming and smoothing physical energy

After performing the body’s physical limits by somewhat “odd” and exhausting asanas, utilizing those seldom-used muscles you are unconscious of

At that moment, you lay down your body on the ground, suddenly you no longer feel the existence of the physical body.

Have you ever experienced that non-existence of the body after it achieved total relaxation?

I believe most people have

Scientific Research shows that the body and the mind are deeply connected. If you are struggling with obsessive or habitual thoughts that you don’t know how to get rid of,  it may be better to begin with relaxing the body.

The goal is for you to forget about your body.  When the body is no longer disrupting, subconscious emerges.

When the body reaches the physical extremes, the stillness of the mental relaxation and the tranquility is simultaneously obtained.

3. Release the Emotion

At that moment, some might experience a strong desire to laugh, weep or even burst into tears for no reason,  the images, sounds, or feelings.

Your mind is presenting completely personal and different experiences from one another, notice what happens emotionally, physically, and mentally. Whatever it might be, they are just something your subconscious wants to release

Red Tourmaline is the organizer for the root chakra, Green Tourmaline can revitalize the heart chakra, manifests success and abundance, also can release the stuck energies coming from root, sacral and solar plexus to the heart chakra. Yellow Tourmaline releases pressure from the solar plexus chakra, organizing energies to streamline them into the upper chakras, preventing the energies from dwelling in the lower chakras and getting stuck

This ALL IN ONE Rainbow Tourmaline bracelet is made with different colors of tourmaline bead

4. What you have to do is accept things as they are

Allow it to happen, if you want to cry, let the tears drop, try not to analyze what causes this insecurity, depression or sorrow, if you do, you might get caught by the ego again.

These emotions might result from childhood issues, family conflicts or a painful relationship, no matter what it is, it doesn’t matter anymore, no need to feel the urge to find out the reason

Why are you seeking the answer from the past while the present is the only thing that really counts?

This is a major difference between the principles of modern psychology and Yoga. The reasons are simpler than we think:

  • Resistance creates reinforcement

Next, what’s mort important is do not resist. Resistance creates reinforcement, I know the emotions seem hard to burden, but these feelings have been waiting for years to tackle with.

Let them out. View them as an observer, create some distance between you and the pain body

  • Obsession is another unwise tactic

For some other people, they go to the extreme of infatuation with these feelings, get obsessed with negative emotions( they do want these emotions unconsciously), they become so addicted to it that the notion of being a victim is constantly fed with Self-pity.

On the flip side, this fuels the cycle of repeating what you’ve always suffered.

The sorrow will be lingering as long as you immerse yourself in your feelings and after performing yoga, since it feels so good to justify your failure in life

But sometimes it is so hard to admit we are reluctant to pull ourselves back out from the memories, so we make excuses, blaming the wound was so deep to heal

Some might describe it as a colossal black hole inside of his heart, constantly dragging him down.

Trust me, this is no more than an illusion. You are the person responsible for your life. All you need to do is take some guts and make a decision.

Neither of the two methods provides you an open-minded perspective to self-realization.

5. Acceptance is the only prescription.

Next time if you sense any kind of emotion, don’t follow or deny

Experience feelings like watching a movie where you are aware you are just an audience. That’s all, you can resonate with or relate to some of the scenes

However, you know it is a movie and you are an outsider, nothing more than that. Watch closely what is happening in a neutral way, without judgment or expectation.

Once you are able to be unbiased towards your feelings, they will slip away just like the cloud floating in the sky.


Lao Tzu, the Great ancient Chinese sage whose Taoism theory had profoundly influenced the doctrine of Zen Buddism, once said in his well-known work, Tao Te Ching that:

“Understanding the good and the bad in other people is merely intelligence. While understanding one’s own nature is true enlightenment”

To know “yourself”  involves the body and the mind. It is widely believed that the spirit is much more superior to the physical body

The inquiry of answers to the question about who we are. Why we are here and any other self -exploring queries.

On the contrary, the body with flesh and blood is no inferior to any form of spirit or soul, they are equally vital to our conscious evolution

Hope this article provides you with some insight about Yoga and helps you make the most out of your yoga sessions.

Well, as always, I hope you enjoyed reading my summary on yoga and I look forward to hearing what you think about all of this. So leave a comment down below. I hope you get a better understanding of yourself and discover your meaning of life.

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4 Amazing Facts about Swim: Combine Swimming with Yoga

How much do you know about swimming?[dt_gap height=”20″ /]

Other than plenty of physical benefits you can gain from swimming, like building cardiovascular fitness and boosting muscle strength, to name just a few, what I want to share with you today are some of its byproducts related to mental health which you may not realize.

1. Swimming is a meditation in motion, Yoga in water

Swimming is a rhythmic physical exercise, which is more breath concerned and helps you get yogic benefits. Amazing right? Swimming is an ideal alternative to Yoga as far as I am concerned. What are the commonalities between these seemingly different activities?

2. Swimming and Yoga are both arts about breathing and grabbing control over your breath.

Breath is operated by the subconscious mind, which means we don’t have to breathe purposely to take in oxygen and most of the people generally don’t feel their breath intentionally in daily life.

We take the breath for granted, though it makes sense anyway, what’s the point of being distracted by breathing when it can automatically happen?

This is just the case when we are above water, but underneath the water, it’s a different story.

the first fundamental thing when swimming. It pushes you to concentrate on your breath.

During swimming, the gravity of your body and the water-resistance won’t allow you to emerge above the surface as long as you can.

This time-intensive inhalation urges you to be aware of your breath. It feels so awful to choke in the water.

No matter what kind of swimming stroke you choose, whether it’s freestyle or breaststroke, the principle is nearly the same(although might be a bit different according to your coach):

Here is a tip to utilize your swimming time to a full extent.

Slowly exhale as you trickle the air through the nose underneath the water, and when your mouth is exposed to the air, take a deep, sharp breath, take in air as much as possible, and as quick as you could.

Despite the inadequate timing for inhalation, take a gulp of air down just leads to shallow breathing and subsequently insufficient oxygen delivery, you should avoid gulping.

What you should do is make the inhaling so deep that you can feel the fullness in your lungs.

The Mouth-in, nose-out, time-intensive breath pattern is oddly different from the breath involuntarily functioned in our daily life.

3. Your fight or flight mechanism is triggered by the underlying danger of being drowned. Thus, the mind goes into survival mode

When you’re swimming, suddenly you come up with a random thought– I pick a wrong swimming suit today,  I look fat in this. With this distraction, you are mentally dragged into this specific thought, even for one second, you may swallow water.

Your subconscious is quite smarter than you, it will not allow your body to take any risk. The panic of being drowned free your mind from thoughts.

4. Your mind is at its full alertness. 

A state of mindfulness where you can monitor every emerging thought is created naturally.

Likewise, the subconscious mind has to adapt to the new surroundings, so it forces you to withdraw your sensation. Therefore, your senses are also narrowed down.

You can hear the sound of the bubbles streams when you’re exhaling, and you can feel the touching of them bursting in your face.

flow across your skin when you are rotating and sliding is so unique that they literally give you a dolphin-like feeling. And this enhances the consciousness of living in the present


Try a Different way to Swim

Next time you dive into the water, pay attention to what you feel in your body, blow away your panic

This yoga in the swimming pool provides you a moment with yourself. This real enjoyment of life can help you find out more about yourself, about the world around you.

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4 Easy Rules to Pray: Tips to Hit the Nail on the Head

If you know how the Universe works, You will pray for how much you can give other than taking from the Universe. If you pray this way, the Universe will take care of the rest for you, what you desire from your life will manifest naturally along the way.

I ‘d rather call this self-exploration, other than pray. Given the fact that you’ve already got rid of your old thinking pattern, the best way to find your true nature is to make an affirmation like this

Dear God, the Universe, I’m so grateful to live my life, and I know I’m here for a reason, I want to adequately express what I’ve meant to you and everyone around me.

 I already missed my chance for so many times that I am willing to transform and make a change

Please let your divine penetrating power infiltrates into each minute of my life, to help me explore how can I establish my unique strength, enthusiasm, and true purpose;

 I am willing to be extraordinary about what I am capable of, to bring my affection to the world, making it a better place.

I am willing to make a total commitment to taking a leap of faith.  I am eager to see how far I can push myself, what my potentials and limitations are, please help me remove any self- placed doubts.

Four Easy Rules to pray:

1. Don’t be too specific and descriptive

This may sound quite different from what some experts say, but trust me, I will explain it later. Say you are enthusiastic about music but don’t be too stubborn about it when you’re facing another new opportunity other than music,  you will always find out new meanings of your life as you go.

Don’t get me wrong here. It doesn’t mean you have to set aside all of your goals and objectives and give up striving for what you desire, it only suggests you should pray in a humble manner and give up a little initiative to the Universe who is way smarter than you.

If you are too specific, it may take such a long time for the Universe to figure out what matches your energic field and what you pray, or even never be able to do so.

2. Don’t pray for a fancy house, a luxurious car

These are things will flow into your life without effort along the way.

Remember the story about I Sent You a Rowboat?

A man praying to God to rescue him refused to get on a boat three times, believing God will manifest himself in the clouds to give him a helping hand,  finally died.

3. God’s goodwill manifest in his way, and that’s only for your good, but you must be willing to say:

I’m willing to trust you and help me find my enthusiastic which is to me the best way.

These violet amethysts cathedral geodes create a manageable aura in your house, help you communicate with God

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3 Most Amazing Facts about Meditation

When it comes to meditation, your busy mind seems to barely focus on one particular activity, including meditation, which is very helpful to release stress. Is there any way to improve your meditation skills? I’m going to share with you some of my ideas.

Let me tell you a story first.

Sunlun Sayadaw, an accomplished spiritual master of last century,  not much educated as a farmer,  one day he was told to focus on breathing in and breathing out, then he practiced and practiced. Finally, he attained enlightenment in a short period of time.

1. The simplest is the hardest

The breathing tradition was what the Buddha did, and it was what some ancient easterners did to achieve enlightenment.

Can you believe the tradition as straightforward as being aware of the breath leads to this ultimate pursuit in Buddism? It has been known as “Vipassana Meditation” in modern times, which is originated directly from Buddha.

This is a stripped-down eastern practice with no fluff in it, and it is not complicated compared to some other meditative training.

Nevertheless, we are unable to witness such a “miracle” through this plain method over several decades, even though many masters have been teaching this breathing tradition over and over again.

No one taught Sunlun the formal and rigorous processes into meditation. Nevertheless, when he was sitting and walking, even when he was taking a rest, every moment he kept mindful of his breath.

One day, he sat down under a tree near the farmland and began to watch his breath, in the beginning, he was aware the air touching the tip of the nose, so he was mindful of that touch, from here, he stepped onto a path leading to self-realization.

Why are we not a patch on our less educated, even illiterate predecessors, who were surviving wars, diseases,  poor conditions among other things in their lives?

2. The simplicity of the heart should be one of your top priorities

Paying attention to one’s breath is simple. It’s obvious to notice this is not something mysterious or complicated.

This method is precisely passed down by Buddha. On the contrary, for most of us, when someone told you to focus on our breath to achieve mental and physical relaxation, yes, we can, but we are not able to go any further.

Even the peacefulness you got from the breathing practice could not be lasting. We stopped right before entering any kind of doorway.

The reason we find it difficult to reach the goal is not that of intelligence difference, but the mental clearness and spiritual simplicity we don’t have:

We have to fight with the buzzing thoughts in our multitasking brain all the time:  one idea is just popping up, another one comes correcting the former one, judging, condemning, analyzing, and we seem to buy into all the inner voices.

3. Life seems speeded up and we are inundated by many details which are pulling at our time and attention.

Moreover, we are so lucky to have access to multiple forms of information sources – books, audios, videos to absorb any knowledge, we have exposed to too many choices more than we need. Google says we look at our phones more than 600 times a day.

Modern lifestyle is characterized by endless disputes over a specific issue,  contradictory theories and conflicting information from different authorities, in addition to other trivial and mundane details of everyday life, compelling us to get into the trap of confusion.

Everyone seems honest while cunning, reliable while trustworthy. We are getting more and more skeptical about everything and mistrust anyone. This is how our lives get overly complicated and speeded up. We have been continuously running into all the hype and noise.

Getting sidetracked on and on, we find it’s hard to stay focused, it’s exhausting to make a choice. How many times have we searched on google for topics like “is *** real?” or “is *** a scam?”

Being doubtful is becoming the first criteria when we first meet someone or something, although it is an effective way to keep us from all the deceptions, we cut the most fantastic part out of our lives as well.

It’s hard to admit the fact that the poor-educated condition was yet a “blessing” for the ancients. On the one hand,  they knew nothing, on the other hand, they were not “smart” enough to analyze and calculate the pros and cons.

No redundant and toxic thoughts popping up in their head, their minds were simple and clear.