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5 Best Ways to Discover and Achieve Life Goals

Attempting to discover your life purpose is a big move. It’s an even bigger move when you intend to achieve

There are a few special things you’ll want to consider as you set out a self-discovery journey.

Say if you have been studying in college, working hard on your essay, longing for being a graduate.

The same goes for being a human: You need to pass the life exams to be qualified as a human.

1. Life is a course designed for specific purposes for each one.

According to Edgar Cayce, a well-known prophet,  everyone, with no exception, regardless of the gender, race, age, rich or poor, good or evil, millionaire or homeless on the street, has his own mission or task to be fulfilled.

  • Have you played your role well?

Life is a dream, We enter the world alone and end up at the funeral. Privileges, fancy house, a luxurious car, a decent job, millions or billions of dollars, none of these things go with us when we leave.

So why so serious? Each of us comes to this world as an actor. Why don’t we put in an extraordinary performance at the “Life Theater”?

Look, the stage light goes on. Your play is about to start.

Whatever your role is, This is our assigned homework. You need to perform it well.

What does the Universe drive us into a certain path? Maybe you’re a born billionaire, or in poverty, born with a beautiful face or a paralyzed physical body.

If we were born into a wealthy family, we take it for granted, but what if we find ourselves in a situation struggling to pay bills? We become a hater: why is it so unfair?

Their miseries are rooted in discontentment of the so-called meaningless and unfulfilled life role which they don’t want to play. Since they are identified with the illusions, the worries and fears seem endless.

  • What is the point of adversity?

From the standpoint of the universe, there is no difference between poverty and richness, happiness and sorrow,  there is no such thing as bad, these all merely tools, to urge a person to discover his strength and meaning in his life.

We view things favorably simply because we have likes or dislikes.

Think of the high school curriculum, it is filled up with a variety of courses, and we were taught Languages, Arts. Mathematics. Geography…… everything a young man can imagine, so he has developed the personal knowledge bank by expanding his view of exciting courses, which helps him go further in the future.

Similarly, all life experiences are absolutely necessary

The universe tries to enrich your curricular as much as possible, allowing you to enter various life dimensions: farmer, businessman, teacher, or household wife, you name it.

Stephen Hawking dedicated to this world, not only his scientific achievement but also his motivation and courage. Struggling with his serious disease, he has been stimulating people ’s inner passion for life.

The main reason the Universe lets you play your role is to make your live fruitful lives and gain better understandings by different dimensions and perspectives, in his own way

2. The Universe wants us to learn our lessons in practice

Only the real-world practice could eventually tell us how well we are progressing.

It is inefficient to get a person to fully understand a concept simply by symbolic languages.

Can you understand from the word “strawberry” how it tastes? It is unlikely unless you have eaten a strawberry, you must personally have a bite.

Deep down in our hearts, we are eager to experience other’s feelings

You must be a woman this life to know what’s truly like to be a woman. You must personally enter that particular “scene” in order to comprehend what you have to learn this life.

What is like to be a father and how it feels to be a husband. Anything other than personal experience is useless and insufficient

Even the great Buddha had experienced a variety of roles: in his lifetime, He was once a white elephant, a prince, ascetic, before he began his career as a mentor.

He had incredibly intense experiences. Having experienced so many things in the world, one can have the confidence to describe the world as wonderful, and grow his mental toughness.

 3. Find out the reason that you are living this life?

As that being said, your role in this life is a driving force for us to achieve great things. The question is how willing are you to be yourself? We thought we should have been “somebody “that changed or saved the world.

One may say: I long for being a famous movie star, the founder of the wealthiest company,  the president of the United States.

But He doesn’t bother spending a minute thinking about how he can “play” well in this assigned role, instead, he is jealous of others

Do you know that the President of the United States is also an actor? If you are still unwilling to play your role, then you will fail to pass the exams, which means that in a certain future you have to play it again and then encounter the same type of issue

Sometimes “the mediocre me” seems hopeless. Nonetheless,  the fact is you can be ordinary, but that’s not mediocre.

In the long river of destiny, the president of the United States is not much different from a household wife. By that, I’m not saying a housewife should settle down and shouldn’t set a big goal. A salesperson can also set a big goal as being a successful entrepreneur in his field. A blogger can aim to be the best selling author.

Even if a household wife, busy with doing the laundry, cooking, chores, caring for her children all the time, can find her meaning of life in the laughter of her children.

You don’t have to be one of the bigwigs to prove your value, though the word ” life purpose” or “mission” sounds heroic.

Making a cake, planning a party, these trivial things don’t mean you are less important than anyone else

Willing to being yourself and taking a leap of faith is of key importance when you take the first step into self-exploration.

Figure out what your life purpose is

Everyone is unique with some talent, maybe it’s an interest in painting, or a little bit sensitiveness about the smell, or even like some other people, born with intense feeling towards spirituality and religion. Whatever it may be, just go and pursue it.

How lucky for Bill Gates to find his personal career at such a young age.

whereas, the majority of us are not the lucky ones

With the power of nature, one set foot on the journey of self-exploration. Phantom crystals are one of the powerful sources from mother earth

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