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Top 3 Facts and Tips on the Law of Attraction

When it comes to attracting what you desire into your life, the waters can get muddy when sorting through all the guidance or principals out on the Internet.

While you may find some youtube videos that claim to know all the “secrets” you have to know about the law of attraction, that doesn’t always mean they could get you fully apprehend the right nuts and bolts in terms of the Universal law

So today, I’m going to walk through how the law of attraction would be used and why is that, to help you navigate what different spiritual masters say about the law of attraction


One PUZZLING Bible verse goes like this:

Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away from him.

What does that mean?

ROBBING OFF those who are in lack, giving to those already in abundance, it seems pretty unfair.

But this is what the law of attraction is trying to tell you.

Facts #2. Everything has its own energy field

The first thing you should know about the law of attraction is everything is vibrational energy with a unique frequency.

Anything perceivable to our sensory organs, from the color we see, the air we breathe, the paper we touch, to the apple we eat, the music we listen to, they are all energies

Scientific evidence shows that our eyes and ears are only sensible of specific spectrums and sound waves,  in the energy field, we can’t get close to anything with unmatchable vibrational frequencies.

This is the reason the law of attraction doesn’t work for some of the practitioners. Since they keep on demanding something INCOMPATIBLE with their energy.

The Universe, the Source, the Love… whatever you like to call it,  only manifests according to our nature – who we are deep down on the subconscious level, which we may or may not realize on the conscious level.

This is the dynamics of how the subconscious mind works.

Facts #3. Most of Us Pray in the Wrong Way

Most poor people pray like this: “Dear God, please, please help me out of this poor financial situation.”

Or “help me pay these bills. I can ‘t afford it.” hoping they can attract these things from the Universe, the Universe has numerous of these things anyway, why can’t it give a small portion of it, right?

If you have a clue of how the subconscious operates, you know by sending out this message, you are demonstrating to the universe how greedy and envious you are, you are asking

You are demanding whatever you are jealous for.

For those who are envious of the people living in the big house, the only way they can think of to get a dream house is begging.

These are called selfish gratefulness.

They grab outwards since they are EMPTY INWARD. Thus, they will desperately fill up the emptiness within.

Facts #4. The Universe reacts according to their belief — they are in short of money.

It will manifest their financial shortage again and again. They will become poorer, and then more jealous, what they’ve attracted wasn’t exactly paying the bills, and they will end up living in poverty

That’s a vicious circle

Have you ever heard of a theory that many lottery winners ended up bankrupt or in debt?

That’s because their mindset, field of vision and wealth management ability are so inadequate to deserve the big fortune, they treated money extravagantly, in an irresponsible manner, showing no respect for their luck, so the Universe responded to their complete emptiness correspondingly

The same goes for what your desire for a relationship

You walk around seeing those happy couples and pray for a fantastic relationship; this is what you are focusing on the conscious level.

But you could only bump into a woman best suits you – of the same nature, matching your frequency emotionally, physically, spiritually and economically.

You may say, that’s not true, I knew someone who found an entirely different type of person. Yes, that’s possibly the case if they fell in love at first sight and they really wanted to be together.

However, after the honeymoon period, the interaction of energetic patterns always takes over

If your head is conditioned to resentful, despairing and depressive thinking but on the flip side, you want someone to save you by sending out his or her positive energy for you, you are doomed to be disappointed.

From the perspective of the universe, you just want to MAKE A DEAL with other people, which reflects the fact that you are selfish, more than you’re willing to admit.

What happens most likely is he or she also wants to get something from you, knowingly or not, and they are begging you the same way as you’re asking the Universe for a considerable amount of money, a dream house, it’s merely doing business.

And you will always meet people of a similar type, and they always COME BACK TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

If you’ve been sincerely praying for a good looking woman for a long time, indeed, the dream will come true,  a gorgeous woman comes into your life.

Great Job!

But what is likely to happen later on is you will find her a boring, pessimistic or depressed person, but at least she is good looking according to your request

As a result, You’ve learned your lesson and determine to attract a “perfect” woman next time: beautiful, interesting, passionate. Yes, you will be able to come across that woman literally if you are sincere enough, but the most case is she doesn’t find you attractive.

It seems you can never get even close to a lover to your satisfaction. You start to blame everyone else, except for yourself. You’re just unable to get close to this simple idea of being a better person yourself.

A famous Bible verse:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Jesus put a light on this matter thousands of years ago, but most of us choose to ignore it

Similarly, If you want the “juice” from a fantastic relationship, ask yourself a question: Do I deserve it?

Facts #5. What you sent out will come back to you

You are the person responsible for your failure, for what’ve been attracted to you

You can put forward your unrealistic request. Nonetheless, it’s energy-wasting to request anything that doesn’t match you, it also wastes the time of the Universe.

But what it takes to attract an ideal soul mate or anything else I desire?

The Correct Way to Attract your Soul Mate

1. Be Clear of the Definition of Soul Mate

The word means two independent “partner,” who doesn’t rely on the other mentally or physically.  Independence leads to happiness since they are not expecting the other to save each other. It’s not what you want to get from your spouse perpetuates the relationship

2.Mental Preparation

You should enter a mental state PRONE TO receive positive suggestions, you can call it a hypnotic or meditative state where the body and the mind are completely relaxed and don’t act like a stumbling block anymore.

Then, the affirmation will be implanted in your subconscious, like planting a seed in the soil, no matter what it takes and how long it takes, it is eventually going to be flourish.

This is the prerequisite of getting the law of attraction to work

We’ve been told to focus on the abundance of life, imagine we’re wealthy, healthy rather than focusing on the absence of your life. This will be working if only we prepare the subconscious to believe what you want it to believe, and only then are you going to be able to pull this off

There are hundreds, thousands of ways to prepare your subconscious:

Meditation, Yoga, Hypnosis, guided imagery visualization, any kind of stress-relieving activity, also, you can choose to be religious or not, it’s up to you, one simple rule is: live present. live in every single moment of now

3. To gain, one should Offer in the First Place

Last but certainly not least, trying not to be the kind of person who has always been demanding and asking for what you want from the relationship

Are you a boring person intending to meet someone interesting? It’s not gonna work or vice versa.

Try to show the merits you wish to see in your imaginary spouse

You are responsible and in charge of your life.

Look at the mirror and ask a question: Do you meet the standard set up for your spouse?

  • If you want more joy in your life, go around and BRING MORE JOY into the lives of others.
  • If you intend to live a motivational life, go and show your COURAGE AND ASPIRATION to others.
  • If you want your next relationship is way more attracting, go and BE A BETTER PERSON YOURSELF

Whatever you contribute to the rest will eventually come back to you, with much more abundance. In this way, the Universe manifests your generous passion.

Be as positive, enthusiastic as possible.

If you are becoming more and more passionate, inspiring, and those depressive people will not be able to get close to you.

This is the essence of the law of attraction.

Be the source of love, be the source of happiness.


Use these three basic rules to become the best version of yourself, and the Universe will take care of the rest for you. Amazing things manifest automatically without any effort of yours, even if you’re not asking

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