Rubble Natural Stone Chip Nuggets Beads Bracelets


  • Strawberry Quartz carries all the energies of a Clear Quartz, with the additional vibrations of universal love, understanding of your life purpose, and courage to seize the day. It also possesses the essence of the crystal quartz, but with gentler energy that restores the heart chakra


  • Citrine is the November birthstone, best known for its calming energies, it also encourages a cheerful outlook, opens the way for good fortune. Assists in accepting abundance, and gives the courage to make hard choices


  • A creative combination of Pearl, Tiger’s eye, grey moonstone, and quartz




  • 100% Genuine crystal rubble beads


  • Handmade Jewelry, Artisan Crafting

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6.0'' (Petite), 6.5'', 7.0'', 7.5'', 8.0'', 8.5''