Handmade Rose Quartz Firming Breast Mask Lifting and Tightening Breast Enhancer Boost Patch


As women, we tend to ignore our breasts. How many of us pay attention to and care about our boobs as the living, connection creating organs that they are?  This natural crystal Breast Mask significantly enhances self-connection with your boobs.


1. Clearing and relieving your breasts, smooth the obstructed lymphatic flow

Breasts contain an abundance of lymph nodes that support the circulatory system in maintaining proper fluid balance. The health of our lymphatic systems is intimately connected to our breast health.

It promotes lymph flow by sending toxins on their merry way and helping to bring fresh blood supply to the area. Doing so regularly can also improve the tone and texture of your boobs, decrease hormonal tenderness, and promote sound relaxation

2. Lymphatic drainage massage treatment

Breast massage really is an essential part of self-care, not only to help stimulate lymph, aid circulation, and decrease hormonal tenderness effectively activate the breast cell regeneration, but to reconnect with ourselves – our womanhood! this crystal rose quartz breast mask can be used as a part of Breast Lymphatic drainage massage. This amazing mask is also a nice way to treat yourself after a breast self-exam

Healing and Relieving Breast Mask using Genuine Rose Quartz, Melt away your stress and enjoy your breast massage in this Spa treatment

3. Improves the efficiency of skincare and helps with reabsorption

This mask made from natural crystals carries more cool temperature energies to improve the consistency of the ingredients in cosmetics formulas, it gives an instant soothing effect, allows ingredients to get in for better absorption. Not to mention that the microelements of the natural rose quartz can soothe puffiness, irritation and redness, also restricts blood vessels to minimize inflammation and relieves irritation.

It Penetrates skin and replenishes skin with plenty of nutrients

4. Deeply dilute the areola pigmentation

The natural of rose quartz rich in microelements and minerals can brighten areola, reduce the oxidation of epidermal cells, restore the pink areola

5. Everlasting stimulation of Cell Regeneration

Not only does it display immediate therapeutic results, but also benefits your breast in the long run, it lifts and firms your skins against premature aging, prevents breast sagging

6. Meditative healing properties

Rose Quartz reigns supreme as the king healing crystals, it is a perfect crystal for maintaining a healthy and long-term relationship, whether it’s friendship or love relationship, it will constantly nurture and balance the energies between us.

7. Premium Quality Rose Quartz you can trust

We only pick 100% original and premium quality rose quartz from the best origins

How to use:

You can place it in the refrigerator for freezing and it will give you a cooling and relieving sensation


Great as a meaningful and special gift. it can be an ideal gift for your mom, girlfriend, close friends on different holidays, they will definitely enjoy unboxing this incredible gif. It will surely WOW your mother, wife, girlfriend, who wouldn’t love this beauty product which brings cooling, calming properties




1. Is it just hype or does it offer a real healing effect?

  • Treatment of crystal facial or breast mask is effective and safe with the therapeutic results. Daily skincare routines with natural quartz and gemstone mask potentially can have a significant long-term impact on the overall quality of a person’s complexion, including relieving Fatigue, blood circulation improvement, skin wrinkles reduction, releasing swelling for long-time make up or stay up late, useful for dark circle or eye bag.

2. what are the healing properties of Rose quartz?

  • Rose quartz reigns supreme as the king healing crystals, the gentle nurturing energy in Rose Quartz can balance vibrations around your house, workplace or spiritual place.
    It invites love and opens our hearts, hole one of these rose quartz crystals in your hand and feeling the soft feeling of love

3.  How is the item packed?

  • We bring it in an elegant package, making this set also great as a meaningful and special gift. it can be an ideal gift for your mom, girlfriend, close friends on different holidays, they will definitely enjoy unboxing this incredible gift.
  • Although the gift box and wrapping may be slightly different from what you see in the listing due to the different production batches.

4. Do you offer bulk prices?

  • YES! All of our crystal stones and jewelry are for retail as well as wholesale, Please DM me if you are interested in bulk price via facebook group/Messenger/Email

5. Do you offer genuine or fake heated dyed crystals?

  • Our crystals, stones, quartz are 100% natural and genuine, all-natural crystals may have imperfections and defects like mineral deficiency, natural cotton crystal, concave surface, is not a quality problem. Please expect and allow some variations in color and pattern.

6. What are the benefits of Rose quartz Facial Mask?

  • Relieves Fatigue
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduce skin wrinkles
  • Improves the efficiency of skincare
  • Help reduce swelling for long-time make up or stay up late, useful for dark circle or eye bag

7. Do you offer any other gemstone massage tools?

  • Absolutely!  We are in collaboration with one of the biggest and renowned factories worldwide to get the best price and of course, the best quality crystal products. Check out other beauty tools like amethyst facial masks, Gua Sha skincare tools